Links! Lots of links will bring 'celebrinerd' to the masses!

My post about 'celebrinerd' has been linked in both editor-Amy-from-Ohio's post about 'celebrinerd' and Josh's post about 'celebrinerd'. I'm in the (very small and obscure corner of the) big time now!

Editor-Amy-from-Ohio also mentions that Cathy suggests creating wikipedia and urban dictionary entries for celebrinerd. This is a fine idea, as it gives celebrinerd a larger number of distinct URLs, and it would give us all a new place to which to link the word 'celebrinerd'.

It turns out that someone(s) went ahead and took Cathy's suggestion: celebrinerd! celebrinerd!

To make Mr. Jennings task a bit easier, that's eight occurences of 'celebrinerd' in this post alone (nine now), five of which link to distinct URLs.

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